Breeze at Craft Fair Leaves 180 with Hearing Loss


FOUNTAIN HILLS, AZ – More than 180 people suffered hearing loss at a local craft fair last weekend as a slight breeze set off 10,000 wind chimes.

“It was horrible! The… the breeze came through and all of a sudden all of the wind chimes just came alive and started making noise. So much noise,” said fair attendee, Joyce Montgomery. “What? No. What? I can’t hear you. Anyway, there was so much noise. There must have been several thousand wind chimes in that craft fair and they all went off at once. What? No, I don’t like Kidney beans.”

According to craft fair organizers, almost every table at the craft fair was selling wind chimes.

“What?” said craft fair organizer, Gabriel Yates. “What? Yeah, there were lots of wind chimes. What? Yeah. What? Yeah, pretty much everyone was selling the damn things. What? What? What? No. What? I can’t hear you because there were too many god damn wind chimes at the fair last weekend and a god damned breeze set them all off. What? Yes. What?”


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