Roommate’s Anecdote No Longer Funny


PROVIDENCE, RI – After three years of hearing the same anecdote repeated on a regular basis, Jason Wynn has told his roommate Jordan Zimmerman the story is no longer funny or interesting.

“The fuckin’ guy has told the same dumb story about how he accidentally got punched in the dick by Erik Estrada at a chili cook-off once a week since I first met him,” said Wynn. “The first time it was entertaining and funny but now that I’ve heard him tell the same god damn story a billion times… hearing it makes me want to punch him in the dick.”

Zimmerman has yet to respond to Wynn regarding the Estrada anecdote but when asked for comment Zimmerman stated “(Wynn) doesn’t get it. That Estrada punching me in the dick story is all I have. It’s all I am and it’s all I’ll ever be. If I can’t tell that story, I don’t know why I would keep going. It’s like this one time when I was at a chili cook-off and I’m walking through, getting my samples and you won’t believe who I saw – Erik Fuckin’ Estrada! So I started heading his way…”


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