Employees Agree HR Guy is Creepy


CHICAGO, IL – During a team building exercise it was discovered that almost every employee of Vrenti Solutions is creeped out by the Human Resources specialist Ben Skokli.

“I thought it was just me but as I started to talk to other people I realized that almost all of us are creeped the fuck out by (Skokli),” said Heather Newbergh. “It’s not that he does anything, like, overtly creepy I think he’s just a creepy guy. Like, if I found out that he was actually a serial killer who dressed up like a Mime I’d just go ‘yeah, that makes sense.’ You know what I mean. Like, you look at him and the very first thought you have is ‘that dude is creepy as fuck.’”

Employees do not plan on filing any complaints with the company about Skokli but they agreed to “just keep an eye out.”

“He’s not a bad guy, he’s just… fucking creepy,” said Terrell Whitaker. “He’ll stand behind you without saying anything and smile and then you turn around and he’s there and you’re like ‘Jesus fucking Christ! Where did you come from?’ and then he just says something about Battlestar Galactica and walks away.”

The Scoop News attempted to contact Skokli but our reporters refused to go near him.


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