Texan Testing Canadian's Patience


VANCOUVER, BC – A tourist from Texas is testing a Canadian waiter’s patience and politeness.

Gainsville, Texas native Jacob Henry Gravely, 47, is impatiently sitting in a busy Vancouver Boston Pizza restaurant and has made several loud comments regarding his perceived lack of service and has been sighing loudly in an effort to draw attention.

“I am a good Canadian and so, you know, I am very polite and nice and apologetic but oh jeez, this man from Texas is very, very frustrating,” said waiter Tyson Berrell. “Things are very busy in here right now and he keeps making these really loud comments every time I walk by like ‘I wish we could get some refills’ or ‘it sure would be nice if we got our food.’ They’ve only been here for 15 minutes! If he keeps it up I might not wish him a good evening.”

Gravely, who has also commented on each of the female Boston Pizza employee’s appearance, says he just wants to “have a god damned meal with his family that doesn’t take forever.”

“I have been sitting here with an empty glass of beer for a half hour,” said Gravely. “My wife is almost out of diet coke, my kids are starving and we ordered an hour ago. We just got our first appetizers, the deep fried dough cheesy balls and we ate them and now we don’t have any food again. I don’t know why everything here in Canada takes so long. I’m probably gonna have to talk to a manager to see if we can get some of this off our bill.”

The Gravely’s have been at the Boston Pizza restaurant for 22 minutes.


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