Local Couple Not Overreacting As Much As They Should

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SAN CARLOS, CA – A local couple has expressed concern that they may not be overreacting as much as they should compared to everyone else they know.

Speaking with friends during a dinner party late last week Rachelle Frenetti and Devin Dubyanik admitted that they overreact to something they saw online only once or twice a week.

“Most of our friends… they overreact like once a day and we just aren’t doing that,” said Frenetti. “I don’t know how she does it but Carol, she overreacts almost once a day. She’ll see something online and just jump right on it and overreact within minutes! It’s amazing. But Devin and I just don’t do that. I think we are just letting things that don’t matter and don’t pertain to us slide by and that’s not right. I think we need to get it together and start overreacting to everything. Everything. I should be sending overreacting tweets or Facebook updates within seconds of something happening – not giving it a couple days and examining the context.”

According to the couple, Frenetti and Dubyanik often take time to think about events and put events in to perspective rather than overreacting immediately, making them outsiders amongst their friends and coworkers.

“Take a look at the Oscars last month, everyone I know freaked out when they saw that Justin Bateman didn’t clap when they said ‘American Sniper,’” said Dubyanik. “People were losing their shit about that. My cousin immediately posted on Facebook that (Batemen) was un-american and that he was secretly a member of ISIS. Me? I just figured that he didn’t hear what they said or at the very least he just wasn’t a fan of the film. But yeah, things like that is what I’m talking about. I just don’t find it as outrageous as everyone else, but I feel that I should and even if I didn’t I should have responded right away saying that I was either angry or defensive.”

While admitting it will be a difficult change, Dubyanik is committing to removing all rational thought from any reaction and will comment about events within minutes of their occurrence on Facebook or Twitter.

“My biggest problem is that I’m too logical, I think things through too much,” said Dubyanik. “I just need to let the primal me take over and just react like a wild beast. If you take food from a wild dig will it sit there and think about why you took it? No, it’ll bite your fucking face off. That’s how I need to be. But you know, with less actual biting of people’s faces. Not literally of course. When I say bite I mean I need to bite in a metaphorical way. See, I’m doing it now, I’m over analyzing it. I just need to be better.”

Frenetti and Dubyanik’s friends hope the couple can begin overreacting appropriately but many have doubts.

“I really would like to see them react more but I don’t think they have it in them,” posted John Gretel, a friend of the couple, on Facebook. “When I heard that they aren’t overreacting I could not believe that I had spent so many years wasting my time with them. They say now that they’ll change but they’re too big of pussies to be outraged. They want to think about things. ‘Look at me, I’m Rachelle and I think about things before I say things. Meh meh meh.’ Well you know what? In this day and age thinking gets you dead. Do you think thinking will help you when ISIS starts Armageddon? No, there won’t.”

Frenetti has already promised to respond to this article stating “I can’t believe we live in a world where something like this happens. Those people need to think! My kids could have seen this!”


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