Florida Changing State Motto to "White Place, White Time"

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TALLAHASSEE, FL – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has announced a change to Florida’s state motto. As of March 1, 2023, the new Florida state motto will be “White Place, White Time.”

“We are doing everything we can, devoting 100 percent of our effort, to protect and honor the history and legacy of white people and this new motto reflects that,” said DeSantis. “For far too long, white people have been ignored in America and their rich culture and contributions to this country ignored. Florida will not ignore white people anymore! This new motto, and various pro-white legislation that I have coming up, is just the start of turning Florida, and hopefully the entire country, into the whitest place on earth.”

The motto replaces the old motto “In God We Trust” which DeSantis said no longer applies.

“We obviously believe in god and stuff… to the extent that any wealthy white person believes in god, but our focus should be on doing what’s white, not just trusting in god,” said DeSantis. “Obviously, god has been slacking a little bit in the whole ‘protecting the white people’ part of the Bible, so we thought that we would help even things out a bit. This motto will get the plight of the common white person in the forefront of everyone’s mind. Soon, the people of Florida will be saying ‘What Would a White Person Do?’ instead of ‘What Would Jesus Do?’”

DeSantis says the motto change is necessary to reinforce Florida’s commitment to white people, specifically white men.

“White people are Florida’s, and America’s, greatest resource and we want to make a commitment to them and so that’s what this motto reminds us. Everyone in Florida should commit themselves to protecting white people all the time,” said DeSantis. “We, as a world, have bent over backwards to save some stupid animal like the Black Rhino, so now we in Florida are shifting that focus to saving white people. Then, once we’ve secured a safe and white future here, we’ll shift our focus back to the rhino. But the white ones, not the black ones.”

The motto change was first proposed by a Florida State Senator and was quickly supported by DeSantis and the entirety of Fox News.

“I’m white and I’m scared of everything that isn’t white and that’s why I live here in Florida because, maybe outside of Texas, this is the safest place for white people but there are still things that aren’t white here and we need to make sure that everyone knows that this is a white place and if something isn’t white it needs to be banned,” said Florida State Senator, Jim Smith. “It’s one thing to say we have the white stuff but it’s another to make it official and make it our state motto.”

Florida Democrats were unavailable for comment as speaking to a registered Democrat is a felony under Florida state law.


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