This Year’s Hottest Halloween Costumes

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Costa Mesa, CA – Halloween is coming at the end of the month and The Scoop News has reached out to several costume stores across the country to compile a list of this year’s best selling costumes.

Harley Quinn
“Yeah, I don’t really know why this one is still popular,” said owner of Dintty’s Costume Warehouse, Marcus Dintty. “I mean, I guess there is the Birds of Prey movie coming out sometime in the future. But really, I think it’s just an excuse for ladies to dress all slutty. Not that they really need an excuse to do that on Halloween. Seriously, they’ll make ‘slutty’ versions of just about anything these days. I even heard that they have a ‘Slutty Rudy Giuliani’ costume this year.”

Slutty Rudy Giuliani
“Thus one is just… Breathtaking,” said Fright Factory Costumes representative, Carlton Spencer. “With the glasses and the tie and fake buck teeth. Holy shit, I’ll be hard the entire night if I see one of these out in the wild. And I mean hard as in erect. I mean my penis, it’ll be engorged with blood. You get me? Who would have thought Giuliani would be so sexy. Damn.”

White Politician in Blackface
“Right now we are selling a lot of our ‘White Politician in Blackface’ costume,” said Custom Costume Connection owner, Sheila Compliano. “It’s a pretty cheap and easy costume. It just comes with some dark skin makeup and a tie. I do wonder if people that wear this costume will have to explain themselves in like 20 years but whatever, it’s making me money so I don’t really care.”

Invisible Person
“This is a great costume and we’ve already sold out and had to reorder,” said Hanks Halloween Emporium and Embalming Services Store President, Hank Stedmore. “It’s actually just an empty bag and not really a costume. But what it does is it allows you to tell everyone that you are going as an invisible person and people won’t be able to see you so you don’t actually have to go out.”

Guy that Gets Drunk Too Early and Passes Out in the Corner
“This costume comes with a random part of a different costume, an empty bottle of Jack Daniels, a marker to draw on your face, and some makeup that looks like vomit,” said Halloween Store employee, Esther Ligula. “It’s up to you how much you commit to the costume but you’ll have everything you need to be the guy that got really shitfaced really early and passed out in the corner so everyone drew dicks on his head and took selfies with him.”

Steve Urkel
“The 90s are making a big comeback and leading the charge is everyone’s favorite nerd, Steve Urkel,” said Bill’s Bargain Basement Costume Funland manager, Gus Burton. “What with the success of all the superhero movies, nerds are cool in a big, big way. And Urkel is the granddaddy of them all. I don’t even have to mention that this costume is pretty much the sexiest costume of the year. I mean aside from the sexy Rudy Giuliani costume.”


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