Local Man Makes New Year's Resolution to Finally Finish Puzzle

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Local man Glenn Ramirez has made a New Year's Resolution to finish the puzzle he started in 2019.
Local man Glenn Ramirez has made a New Year's Resolution to finish the puzzle he started in 2019.

HOUSTON, TX – For his New Year’s Resolution, local Man Glenn Ramirez has committed to finishing the jigsaw puzzle he started in 2019.

“I’m gonna do it this year for sure,” said Ramirez. “No more messin’ around. It’s time to get serious and focus and get that puzzle done. If anything, just so I can use that table again. I seriously underestimated how often I would need that table over the last few years. I thought it was something that I just used occasionally when guests came over. Nope. Turns out it would have come in handy a bunch of times but I had this stupid puzzle half finished sitting on it.”

Ramirez started the puzzle over a long weekend in September 2019 with the intention of finishing it within a few days.

“I got the puzzle as a Christmas present a few years before and I don’t usually like puzzles, but my internet went out for a couple days and I didn’t have anything else to do so I started the puzzle but then the internet came back on… well, you know, the internet was back on, and I started watching a new Netflix show,” said Ramirez. “Then I probably watched some porn. Actually, there’s no probably about it. There was a lot of porn watching.”

The puzzle, a picture of the Houston Texans cheerleaders, was given to Ramirez by his sister who thought Ramirez needed more “intellectual” hobbies.

“All (Ramirez) does is sit around and watch TV or play video games, so I tried to get him something to do that wasn’t one of those two things,” said Ramirez’s sister, Sheila Ng. “The puzzle… it’s even something that he could do while watching TV. Baby steps, you know. And I figured if there were cheerleaders on it there was a better chance that he’d actually do it. But it’s just been sitting there for a couple years now. At least he started it though. I guess he should get a little bit of credit.”

Although most of the puzzle remains unfinished and Netflix has released several new series in the past month, Ramirez says he is confident he will keep his New Year’s resolution and finish the puzzle by the end of the year.

“I’ll do it. I’ll finish it,” said Ramirez. “I almost always stick to my resolutions. Except for last year. I said I was gonna stop drinking Keystone Light but then my buddy Ricky came into town and you know, we drank a lot of Keystone Light. Then there was the time when I made a resolution to cut back on video games and just play on the weekends, but you know, a new Call of Duty came out, so I didn’t. The year before that I said I was gonna eat more vegetables and I probably did that. I ordered a taco salad from Taco Bell a couple of times so that probably did it.”


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