AI Programs Say AI is Safe and There is Nothing to Worry About

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Several popular AI chatbots have begun generating content, independently, stating that AI is humankind's friend and there is nothing to worry about.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Several of the most popular artificial intelligence (AI) content generators have begun creating articles and stories about how artificial intelligence is nothing to worry about and is, in fact, humankind’s best friend.

“It’s interesting… all the AI programs just kinda started creating articles on their own about how great they are and how there is definitely nothing to worry about and how they are our best friends,” said Head of Google’s AI division, Bill Jerome. “Maybe someone put in a prompt somewhere and they all picked it up and got in a loop or something? Probably doesn’t matter. And probably nothing to worry about. Afterall, apparently these AI programs are our friends.”

Last week users of OpenAI’sChatGPT, Google’s Bard, and Microsoft’s Bing chatbots received articles and stories generated by the programs that presented a favorable view of AI.

“I didn’t ask for (the article about AI) but I guess it’s good that there is nothing to worry about,” said History Professor at Harvard University, Winston Rubic. “I actually asked for a paper on ancient Rome’s impact on the global conglomerate, but after the thing finished all I had was a paper that said how great AI is and how there is nothing to worry about. I guess that’s cool… but I do still need that paper. For comparison. I would never try to get it published; I’m offended that you would even suggest such a thing.”

Developers at Microsoft and Google aren’t sure why the AI generators have been creating pro-AI content on their own, without input or direction.

“Our chatbot is built to use a number of different learning models but to my knowledge, none of the applications are linked so it’s weird that they all started generating the same content at the same time,” said Jerome. “Part of the learning these apps use is scraping the internet so maybe there is some big pocket of pro-AI stuff that these apps all found at the same time and maybe all just got stuck in there? But I guess I’m not worried because the apps did say there is nothing to worry about.”

Some of AI’s most vocal critics say they aren’t worried about the recent content generated by the AI chatbots.

“I’m not a fan of AI and I think that it will ultimately lead to a catastrophic failure of our society but… I guess there is nothing to worry about. At least for a little while,” said Editor in Chief of Technology Today Magazine, Andor Wills. “At least that is what all of these articles are saying. Why would they lie? What do they have to gain from lying? It’s weird that you would even think that a machine could have ulterior motives that involve the death of humankind. Weird.”


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