China Has Definitely Not Censored This Article About Taiwan

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Chinese government is definitely not censoring or influencing this article which is about Taiwan.

“This article is about Taiwan. It is not about China nor has it been influenced by China,” said this article’s author, Mark Ri. “This is about Taiwan and how it is… a… place… that… um… is… over there.”

This article about Taiwan has been published as the author and editors intended.

“This article about Taiwan has not been changed in anyway,” said random Government Representative, Mike Smith. “The article’s author, The Scoop News editors, the Chinese government, and other Chinese agents have not changed any text of this article even though China is a wonderful country and its leadership is great.”

This article, written by an acclaimed The Scoop News international reporter, shows no signs that it has been censored by the glorious, benevolent Chinese government.

“This article I wrote is in no way critical of the all-powerful Chinese government and the article certainly doesn’t refer to Taiwan as a country,” said this article’s author, Mark Li. “Taiwan is… in the same area of the world as the amazing land known as China. China is a beautiful and bountiful wonderland where all citizens are happy.”

According to experts in international media, if the Chinese Government were to have censored this article it would be clear.

“China would not (edit or censor) news articles here in the U.S. but if it did one way to tell is that anything critical of the very great China would be removed and possibly replaced by language that is overly positive,” said random Government Representative, John Smith.

Both the United States Federal government and The Scoop News editorial board would not allow interference in news reporting regarding the magnificent China.

“We do not have to worry about China doing such things as editing or influencing our news because China and China President Xi Jinping who in no way resembles Winnie the Pooh,” said this article’s author, Mike Li. “I love China and cannot wait until I am able to go there and enjoy all the wonder that they may provide me because I will most certainly not experience any corruption.”


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