Marjorie Taylor Greene Reveals New Year Reservations

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Marjorie Taylor Green, who is stupid, revealed her "reservations" for the new year.
Marjorie Taylor Green, who is stupid, revealed her "reservations" for the new year.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene revealed her 2023 “reservations” during a Fox News interview.

“Me keep transition of make reservations every year,” said Greene. “This time me make reservation to anpeach all the democats. And reservation to find Hunter Biden’s laptop. Me good at reservations. Me always make reservations and me like to and reservation making good. No queers!”

Greene did not specify how she plans to stick to her “reservations” but did say she “got plans to reservate.”

“I gonna reservate all over the place this year,” said Greene. “Gonna make so many reservations that all the people in Georgia, except gays and deoncrats, will love me and not vote out. Vote out bad! Fire bad! Homos bad!”

During the interview Greene said she makes “reservations” every year.

“Me make reservations every year,” said Greene. “Last year me make a reservation to visit all 57 states and me was able to see most of them – 53 of them! Reservations very impotent. If no reservations then what do you do all year? You just sit there. That why me make reservations every year. This year me gonna reservate so much everyone will wander how I do so mush.”

Although Greene clearly meant something else, the Fox News interviewer made no effort to correct Greene.

“To be honest, I wasn’t paying attention. I was just looking at my phone and liking racist tweets,” said Fox News host, Neil Cavuto. “If she did say something that wasn’t correct, I’m sure that it’s just the woke mob, left-wing-media, demoncrats trying to just make a stupid person look more stupid. Like they do with (Greene) all the time. Not a day goes by that the corrupt, Left-wing media doesn’t try to show (Greene) doing something stupid or saying something stupid. They should really try to focus on someone else. Like Lauren Boebert. We all hate her now so go ahead and pick on her. She’s dead to us.”


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