Woman’s Athletic Accomplishments Immediately Compared to Every Male Athlete’s Accomplishments

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Broadcasters and sports writers have compared Caitlin Clark’s accomplishments to every single male athlete ever.
Broadcasters and sports writers have compared Caitlin Clark’s accomplishments to every single male athlete ever.

DES MOINES, IA – After a record-breaking collegiate career, woman’s college basketball player Caitlin Clark’s accomplishments have been compared to the accomplishments of every male athlete ever.

“Yeah, that chick from Iowa scored a lot of points in woman’s college basketball but she didn’t have as many points as Lebron James has had in his career,” said ESPN Basketball Analyst, Pete Richards. “I mean, yeah, she was an absolute beast out there on the court, but in all reality, but there are a lot of men that have way more points in their career than her, so it’s really not all that impressive when you look at it like that. And also, it’s women’s basketball so there’s that. And yes, I know her record for the most points is for both men and women. I’m just saying.”

Clark completed her college career as the NCAA Division I all-time leading scorer in both men’s and women’s basketball, a feat that was immediately compared to several professional male basketball players.

“What a career for Clark and while she will leave college as the all-time leading scorer with 3,951 points, we are reminded that Michael Jordan 32,292 points in his career. So Clark has a long way to go,” said ESPN play-by-play announcer, Stephen A. Smith. “And even Dennis Rodman has 6,683 points so… Clark has some work for her to do and maybe she will get there. Let’s see, let’s just take a look at who she has beaten? Spud Webb? No. Clyde Drexler? Nope! Oh, wait, here’s someone – David Pryde. He played one season and only scored 59 points. So there you go.”

Despite only playing basketball in her college career, Clark’s accomplishments have been compared to male professional football, baseball, hockey, soccer, and tennis athletes.

“Sure she was good but Wayne Gretzky scored 2,857 points in hockey. How many goals has what’s her name scored? Well, I don’t know either but not 2,857. So really, she’s not that great compared to other atheletes,” said Sport Illustrated Editor, Gene Raxxon. “Can she even skate? Probably not. Unless of course it’s on a pair of those figure skates. Chicks love figure skating, right? But even looking beyond hockey. Has whatshername ever thrown a touchdown pass in the NFL? Has he ever won Wimbledon? No and no.”

Although most have compared Clark’s accomplishments to men, some female sports reporters have refused to compare Clark to anyone and argue that Clark’s accomplishments should stand on their own.

“What (Clark) has done is remarkable. She is truly an amazing athlete. That’s it. We don’t need to compare her to anyone,” said freelance sports writer, Dana Thrat. “I know most men need to try to diminish Caitlin’s accomplishments and her records by comparing her to the greats because they can’t handle a woman being good at something but we don’t need to do that. She is a hell of a basketball player and I wish her all the luck in the world in the pros next season.”

The Scoop News reached out to Clark, but as of press time, (Clark) was too busy “counting all her endorsement deal money” to care what people are saying.


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