Father Doesn't Find Daily Show Funny


LITTLE ROCK, AR – A local father of two, Edgar Glen, has told his family that he doesn’t see what’s so great or funny about The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Glen said he has watched the show on several occasions but has not found it entertaining.

“I just don’t like sittin’ there watching some guy tell me what to think,” said Edgar Glen. “(Jon Stewart) thinks he is so smart and clever. I saw him the other night and I didn’t laugh once. People on the news shouldn’t be sayin’ their politics out in the open like that. Especially when he doesn’t’ know what he’s talkin’ about.”

Edgar Glen’s children, ages 22 and 26, are fans of the show and have tried to get their father to watch the show on several occasions.

“(Edgar Glen) just doesn’t get, or actually, he doesn’t want to get it,” said Jake Glen, Edgar’s oldest child. “He just sat there, stone faced the entire time the show was on and then complained about how John Stewart only made fun of Republicans. Come on! That shit is funny, I don’t care how old you are or what side of the political fence you fall on. I just think he doesn’t want to admit that there are other people in the world whose opinions matter, other than Republican’s.”

After a recent attempt at watching the show, Edgar Glen complained that Stewart’s jokes about Rush Limbaugh were unfunny and made no sense.

“(Stewart) just sat there and made fun of (Limbaugh’s) weight and drug addiction. That’s not comedy,” Edgar said. “Everyone can see that Rush is a little on the portly side, and sure he had that addiction to prescription drugs, but that doesn’t make his opinions any more untrue. Barak Obama is ruining this country every time he opens his mouth. Rush recognizes that, and so do I. It’s just a low blow to make fun of someone’s weight and drug addiction when there really is nothing else to criticize the man on.”

While Edgar Glen says he appreciates his children’s attempts at entertaining him, he will likely never trust his children’s taste.

“Let’s face it, my kids don’t really understand life and, you know, obviously can’t tell what’s funny,” said Edgar Glen. “They are good kids but they also listen to rap music and voted for Obama.”

Edgar Glen said he does enjoy watching similar shows hosted by Sean Hannity and Glen Beck.

“Now when I turn on Hannity, boy, that is some good entertainment,” Edgar said. “I could sit there and watch that guy all day. You want funny, he’s funny. But what Hannity does that (Stewart) doesn’t do, is Hannity tells the truth about things. He has his own ideas about stuff and isn’t just repeating what people tell him to say. He tells things exactly like it is, but the way he says it it’s just flat out hilarious. And the funny little puns he has to go along with his pictures, man, they’re priceless.”

The Daily Show, popular among people 18 to 30 years of age, is one of the highest rated shows on Comedy Central.


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