To Help Fight Racism Pornhub Will Soon Only Offer Interracial Videos on Site

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Pornhub will soon only feature videos of interracial couples on the popular pornography website.
Pornhub will soon only feature videos of interracial couples on the popular pornography website.
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NEW YORK, NY – Pornography website Pornhub has pledged to help fight racism by only offering interracial content.

“We at Pornhub realize we have to do our part in the fight against racism,” said Pornhub Ombudsman, Chet Rengold. “To that end Pornhub will now only feature videos of people from different races, different backgrounds, maybe even different beliefs all coming together to put things in butts and vaginas. But mostly butts. It’s really a small gesture, but there isn’t anything small about the wieners that you’ll be seeing on the site for the foreseeable future. And yes, I said ‘wieners.’ Just because we’re in the pornography business doesn’t mean we need to be vulgar all the time.”

Pornhub says it hopes that by only featuring multi-racial videos, viewers will become more open and find commonality with all races.

“It’s our hope that visitors to Pornhub will become more accepting and understanding of different races as they watch someone get impaled by the biggest dong and/or dildo they’ve ever seen,” said Pornhub Director of Content, Matt Pounder. “When you see a young, nubile white girl working with 17 strong males of a variety of ethnic backgrounds… it’s really beautiful. I and when you see a threesome of sweet, gaping assholes glimmer in the moonlight, I just cant. I’m speechless.”

Beginning next month visitors to will only be able to watch videos featuring performers of different races.

“We are in the process of removing all videos which contain performers of the same race – regardless of what race that is,” said Pornhub Quality Control Engineer, Heidi Claremont. “This has been a pretty long, but rewarding process. I, personally, have had to watch thousands of hours of porn, and let me tell you, I can barely walk. But it has been an awesome, mind opening experience. Seriously, I never knew an Asian schlong could captivate me like they have. I guess it’s true what they say… watch a lot of porn, have a lot of orgasms.”

Civil Rights leaders welcome the change Pornhub is making to its content but some worry it may lead to different problems.

“You know how in almost every big Hollywood feature they offer a ‘diverse’ cast but then relegate all the minorities to the background or worse, kill them off in the first five minutes?” said Marc Fenton, President of the ACLU. “Well I hope that doesn’t happen here. I hope that we don’t just start seeing people of color in the background or as the person that takes the pizza order instead of the person that delivers the pizza and then bangs the shit out of the person that ordered the pizza. What I’m saying is that we’d better see people of color involved in the banging.”


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